Fender Squier Guitarは2011年発売


Rock Band 3’s Fender Squier Guitar Scheduled for a 2011 Release

“We’re hoping to keep it as early 2011 as possible, but it’s sort of complicated,”
“It’ll be worldwide in 2011; we’re hoping to sim-ship as close to sim as possible. The quantities will be very limited at launch, because it’s close enough to a specialty item almost.”

“more expensive than the [Mad Catz] Mustang” and is “based on a $250 body, so it’ll be more than that”

“The idea is to keep it at entry level and keep it accessible in terms of price, but it’s also like a crazy piece of technology that does stupidly complicated things,”

・Mad CatzのMustangよりももっと高価です。それは$250のボディをベースにしているのでそれよりも高くなります。

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