『Guitar Hero 5/Band Hero』 6月のDLC


6/01 Stone Temple Pilots Track Pack
・ "Sex Type Thing"
・ "Plush"
・ "Between The Lines"

6/08 National Anthem Track Pack (Steve Ouimette - PS3/360 Only (FREE))
・ "God Save the Queen (GH Version)
・ "Il Canto degli Italiani (GH Version)"
・ "La Marseillaise (GH version)"
・ "Lied der Deutschen (GH version)"
・ "Marcha Real (GH version)"
・ "The Star-Spangled Banner (GH version)"

6/15 Alice Cooper Track Pack
・"I'm Eighteen"
・"School's Out"
・"Welcome To My Nightmare"

6/22 All Time Low Track Pack
・"Dear Maria, Count Me In"
・"Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't) (Live)"

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