『Guitar Hero 5』 10月のDLC


10/01 Queens Of The Stone Age Track Pack
・"How to Handle a Rope"

10/08 Billy Squier Track Pack
・ "The Stroke"
・ "Everybody Wants You"
・ "When She Comes To Me"

10/15 Wolfmother Track Pack
・"California Queen"
・"Cosmic Egg"

10/22 Classic Rock 2 Track Pack
・"Freeze Frame" - The J. Geils Band
・"Show Me The Way (Live)" - Peter Frampton
・"Lay It On The Line" - Triumph

10/29 All Hallows' Eve Track Pack
・"Gor Gor" - GWAR
・"Beautiful People" - Marilyn Manson
・"Astro Zombies" - The Misfits

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